The Aust4 Racing Series is a relatively new series of off-road racing in Australia. It’s an adrenaline packed racing series of Ulta 4s, ATVs and modified 4x4s. Each round of the series is an epic weekend of action.

Incorporated into the tracks are flat tracks, trails, Moto X style terrain, rocky creek beds, gullies or steep hills or possibly all of the above. Watch the dirt fly!

We tagged along in 2017 when the event was hosted at Janowen 4×4 Park and caught some of the action (you can also read more about Janowen here).


Willow headed out the Friday evening and chatted with the teams as they prepped their vehicles for the racing weekend ahead. It was a real eye opener seeing the work and effort that goes on behind the scenes.

Sight lap to scope out the course
Getting ready to race
Drivers…start your engines
…and they’re off and racing
Check out the highlights video of the action we captured in Round 1:
…and that’s a wrap