Roughly two hours out of Perth, just past the town of York is an airfield and flying school which has subsequently been developed into a caravan park. Before we hit the farm, we stopped in at the small township of York where we took a stroll across the long suspension bridge and also discovered some delightful Wara Art. This Japanese-inspired form of artwork arose as an original way to use the excess straw remaining after a harvest. In 2018, the bilby, the tortoise and the frog were created with more planned to be created at the York Festival in 2019. 

Wara Art York WA Straw Bilby Sculpture

Whitegum Farm which is both a caravan park and 4WD Park is around 20mins outside York. The operator, Gary has also gone to an effort to develop some great 4WD tracks but we cover that separately here.

Arriving on a long weekend, we found the caravan park quite popular and continued on further out the back to camp at the 4WD park. Unlike the caravan park, there’s no facilities out here and it’s totally self sufficient but that said, it’s only a 2 min drive back to the main park… however that could turn into 5 mins if you have to give way to a plane or gyrocopter on your way!

Whitegum Farm Flight Facility and 4x4 Campground

Besides the fourbie aspect there’s a whole swag of other activities too from microlight flights to kayaking or fishing on the lake (catch and release). It was a little too fresh for a swim on our visit but we all enjoyed taking the paddle boats out for a spin.

Fishing dam at Whitegum Farm Caravan Park
Camping out in the back section set us back $10 per adult and $5 kids. It’s $25 for a 4WD pass if you want to hit up the tracks but many just come and stay at the caravan park either for aviation pursuits or just to relax and be near the dam and facilities. Pets are allowed but it’s seasonal so check in advance. With prior permission, we headed out the back gate and up to the look out to take in the sunset on the ridge. It certainly didn’t disappoint. 
Personally we loved the lack of crowds where we camped and we enjoyed a communal camp oven cook up amongst mates. On the menu was a range of meats and vegetables that all tasted absolutely delicious cooked over the coals.
Group campfire camping Whitegum Farm 4x4

Although the caravan park has been developed adjacent to the airfield it seemed far enough away not to be hampered by any noise. It was actually kinda interesting to look up and see some of the different aircraft in action.

It was a top weekend on all accounts. At the time we were pretty certain we’d be back for another visit sometime in the future and it wasn’t long at all before we visited again but this time for an event; the TWD4x4 and Roadcruza Australia Beyond Blue charity weekend.

Campoven on the coals at Whitegum Farm
Exploring through Whitegum Farm and 4x4 Park
Golden hour in the dust at Whitegum Farm
Campsite set up at Whitegum Farm
Whitegum Farm, York sunset over the landscape

For more details or to book at Whitegum Farm, Caravan Park and Flight Facility you can check out their website.