Family Fun for All

Whilst in Byron Bay, we opted to stay at the Discovery Parks and we weren’t disappointed.

This park is a Travel Australia With Kids (TAWK) affiliate so that means as members the kids stayed for FREE and between the awesome waterpark, jumping pillow, pool and pedal bikes we reckon they had the most fun out of all of us. Well ok, we’ll admit it wasn’t just the kids that had a crack at the aforementioned activities!

It was a nice way to ease into our long road trip (Brisbane to Perth) given we’d all had late nights on the eve of our departure and understandably the kids were a little emotional having left their behind their good mates in Brisbane as we headed to our new home in Perth so this was our way of lightening the mood.

It certainly ticked all the boxes for us ✔️

Byron Bay Caravan Park Kids Playground
Most Easterly Point of Australia

Mid 2017 we stood at the most Northern Point of the Australian continent as the pinnacle of our Cape York adventure. In Dec 2018, with no corrugations or red dust in sight, we visited the most Eastern Point at Byron Bay.

We did however huff and puff our way up the short but very steep walk (29 flights in total according to iPhone!). We were totally put to shame by the fitness community of Byron Bay who effortlessly ran past us on what seems to be a popular jogging ascent.

After the obligatory snapshot at the sign we continued on to discover Cape Byron Lighthouse. Here we realised that most sightseers drive to the lighthouse and then walk DOWN. But where’s the challenge in that right!

*off to catch our breath