4×4 Event Photography and Charity Events

Here at OFF THE TRAX we are extremely proud to sponsor charitable events that create a sense of community. Not to mention, supporting any attempt to raise much needed funds for some really worthwhile causes. We’ve been involved in 4WDing events to support Breast Cancer and also others to support Beyond Blue. We hope to use whatever influence we may have to draw attention to such causes. Please check out the individual events to find out more information about specific events.

Leave No Trace

The other thing we are truly passionate about is conservation and sustainability. We apologise if you hear us harp on about this but it’s something that’s very important to us. Perhaps you’re like us… do you hate rocking up to a brilliant campsite only to discover the people before you have left it littered with rubbish? When people disrespect our gorgeous country and the places we love it definitely makes us a little mad/upset/disappointed (we could go on!).

That’s why we always ensure we take our rubbish with us… and sadly usually some extra as well. We strongly encourage fellow campers and 4WDers to remove all your rubbish but also if you come across other trash and you have some extra capacity, do what you can to improve things. We’re happy to say we’ve passed on our passion for sustainability and the environment onto our kids and they regularly identify and collect rubbish too.

Do The Right Thing

That’s the conservation side of things then there’s also the other matter of doing the right thing so that tracks and locations aren’t closed. For example, track closures, parks closures, fire bans and movement bans etc. Quite simply, if it’s closed, stay out. Similarly, if there’s a fire ban don’t light up, so on and so on. To be honest, it’s a little sad that it actually needs to be said but sadly that seems to be the case these days.

Quite simply our overall hope is that our children can grow up to enjoy the very same amazing places as adults themselves one day, and potentially return with families of their own someday perhaps. Respect and conservation of our tracks now is certainly essential for that to happen.

Got An Event?

Please check out some of the events we’ve been involved with and let us know  of any upcoming events that you think OFF THE TRAX could be a part of. You can hit us up either via socials or through the Contact tab on this website.

Aust4 Racing Series Aust 4
Aust4 Racing at Janowen Hills

An adrenaline fuelled, action packed racing series for Ultra 4s, ATVs and modified 4x4s.

4x4 Pink Run Aerial Drone Shot Teewah Beach
DDU 4×4 Pink Run for Breast Cancer

Real 4x4s aren’t afraid to wear pink and this family-friendly fun day out is all about saving the boobies!

Driving the Blues into the Dirt

A jam-packed weekend of camping and 4WDing activities supporting Beyond Blue, a charity which helps people with depression and anxiety. 

Camper Trailer Lifestyle Filming TV Series
Filming for TV!

Our family appeared on three episodes of Camper Trailer Lifestyle which was filmed in July 2018 and aired on television screens nationally.

Fraser Island Clean Up Father Son
Fraser Island Clean Up

Doing our part to keep World Heritage Listed K’gari pristine for future generations.

TWD4x4 Roadcruza Tyres Beyond Blue Charity 4x4 Event
Roadcruza Australia & TWD4x4 Beyond Blue charity event

A bunch of beasty comp trucks hitting the tracks to raise money for Beyond Blue.