Product Reviews

Product testing

We love a good bit of kit and anything that makes our travels easier gets a big thumbs up from us. Here we review a range of products and give out honest feedback on how they work, features and suitability to our adventures. If we don’t like something we won’t say we do!

BioLite Camp Stove Product Review
BioLite Camp Stove

We review the features and function of the BioLite camp stove which allows you to charge your devices with the power of fire.

iDrive Throttle Controller Product Review
iDrive Throttle Controller Review

Willow installs and reviews the iDrive Throttle Controller. This product from iDrive Australia helps to overcome acceleration lag and we put it to the test in the 70 series.

Live Track GPS Tracker Product Review iDrive
LiveTrack GPS Tracker

We review the features and function of the LiveTrack GPS tracker by iDrive Australia; a clever product to locate and track your rig, boat or caravan.