PRODUCT REVIEW: Willow’s review of the iDrive Throttle Controller product

When we received the iDrive throttle controller at the door my first thoughts were that it was a very professional looking product but would it really work? We had recently remapped the cruiser so I waited before installing the iDrive. I wanted to get used to the remap so I could compare before and after. The hardest thing about the installation was simply deciding where to put the control module!! It really was that easy; literally a “plug and play” system.


Now the cruiser already had an exceptional amount of power after the remap so I was a little sceptical about this thing. Ally would probably say it’s true to my nature but for whatever reason I decided to kick it off on setting nine in Ultimate mode. Well let me tell you, this thing is crazy, man I had to hang on then adjusted from there!

For our rig, setting three seems optimal when driving on the Highway whereas we find Eco Mode good for driving around offroad crawling through creek beds etc, it saves on the old kangaroo hopping. And whilst we try our best to avoid congested traffic (give us wide open spaces any day!) we found it worked just as well under those conditions too.

Having used the iDrive for a while now (across Aus trip) we find that the Auto Setting is great when towing with the trailer. It allows me to get up to speed without a hassle. Recently we‘ve been doing a lot of sand driving and the fact that you have that acceleration instantly (which gets rid of that slight delay) helps when you feel the vehicle hitting a “soft” spot.

iDrive Throttle Controller Product Review
iDrive Throttle Controller

Now I know it doesn’t change horsepower, torque etc, however if you have a chip, remap or module and feel that maybe it’s not sufficient or it’s not doing what you were told it was meant to do then this could be a great accompaniment for you. If you do not have any of the above then this will feel like you do. It should be noted that whilst it gives great acceleration that’s all it gives, you obviously still have the original amount of Kw power.

All in all it’s a great product and whilst I may not use it all the time I‘m glad I have one.

If you require more detailed information about this product feel free to check out their page here.

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