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The patented CROC HINGE® 4×4 bracket allows for the convenient movement of accessories between two positions – a stowed position where the accessory rests on the roof rack and a deployed position where the accessory is located on the side of the roof rack. Check out the most versatile 4×4 mount on the market at CROC HINGE.

Croc Hinge 4wd bracket
In the meantime, check out these products from the fantastic crew over at Caravanning with Kids:

There will be no more fiddling with pegs, once you discover the Aussie made pegless clothesline. Ally loves this product.

Great for the kids, this travel journal is packed with 92 pages to document your daily experiences. Draw, write or attach a photo.

Turn any fire into a mesmerising show of vibrant colours of red, green, blue, pink, orange and violet and more

The log book is an A5 2 part book that will help you keep track of the places you stay and the kilometres that your caravan or camper trailer does

For those that like to get out on the road we also totally recommend a Travelling Australia With Kids (TAWK) membership:
Kids cost HOW MUCH?!?​

How often have you booked accomodation only to be shocked at the extra $ per child even though you’re all on the same site? It can be pretty crazy and it all adds up.

So let’s TAWK

Travelling Australia With Kids (TAWK) members can enjoy 2 nights FREE camping for kids at participating Caravan Parks and campgrounds. With two kids, we had already saved more than the cost of the membership by just the second use. Best of all it’s not an annual membership but rather a one off payment. How good is that?