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Holland Track 4WD route Western Australia

The Holland Track

We hit one of the ultimate 4WD tracks in Western Australia. Join us as we tackle the iconic Holland Track, following in the footsteps of the early pioneers. There’s absolutely loads of history to take in on this route.

Steep Point

We tackle the bumpy corrugations in our 4WD to hit the most western point of mainland Australia. Rather than simply snapping a photo at the sign we spend the day exploring the rugged landscape of Edel Land and we are well rewarded for our efforts.

Tamala Station, Shark Bay

We sink our teeth into Shark Bay by spending a week of glorious sunshine and calm waters at this stunning pastoral station. It’s the perfect location to explore the region and for day tripping out to Steep Point.

Whitegum Farm 4WD Park

Close enough to Perth for a day trip or better yet make it a weekender. This 4×4 park has literally been dug right into the earth. A good variety of tracks for all levels and some keynote obstacles including the crater, the pinnacle and the worm hole.

Group campfire camping Whitegum Farm 4x4

Whitegum Farm

Roughly two hours out of Perth, just past the town of York is an airfield and flying school which has subsequently been developed into a…